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Xandex and Sonoma County Wildfires
Tuesday October 10, 2017
2:00pm PST

The Xandex headquarters and manufacturing facility in Petaluma, CA and all of the Xandex team and their families are safe from the wildfires that are still burning in Sonoma and Napa counties in Northern California. While we are thankful that our team and physical plant are safe, our customers should be aware that the wildfires continue to have an impact on daily life and business in Sonoma County. Mandatory evacuations, power and communication outages are still facts of life, and these displacements and outages have affected enough of our team members to cause minor delays in shipping.


We classify a minor delay as one that affects product delivery by one or two business days. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and will make individual notifications to each customer who will experience a shipping delay.


Thank you for your understanding and for the expressions of concern and kind thoughts we have received.


The Xandex Team

Welcome To Xandex Semiconductor Products

Xandex was founded in August, 1981 as a technology startup to design and manufacture products used in the semiconductor test industry. Xandex is proud to be celebrating our 36th year of providing innovative technology solutions to the semiconductor and solar energy industries.

  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified Quality System
  • World Wide Sales and Distribution of DieMark® wafer marking products
  • SunMizer® Solar Products Division
  • Xandex Investments LLC Investment Arm

Xandex was founded on Guiding Principles that have been key to our success, and are the core of our corporate culture to this day. We have chosen to incorporate the top three of these guiding principles, Integrity, Innovation and Quality in our 35th anniversary logo in recognition of the vision of our founders and the foundation of our continued success.