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    Xandex DieMark Inking Products are the
    Global Gold Standard In Wafer Marking
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    NEW Micro-Z Inking Systems
    Next Generation
    Small Dot Inking Systems
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    A4 Small Dot Ink Cartridges
    for Micro-Z Inking Systems
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    3 Mil Small Dot Ink Cartridges
    Available NOW in Most Inks
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    NEW Vacuum
    Priming Tool
    Faster Priming for 3 mil
    and 5 mil Small Dot Cartridges
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    DieMark Ink Remover 8000
    DieMark Ink Remover
    removes all Xandex Inks.

Xandex Semiconductor Division

The Semiconductor Division of Xandex Inc. is one of approximately 2,000 companies which provide the equipment and materials used to fabricate, test, assemble and package integrated circuits. This multi-billion dollar global industry enables the manufacture of semiconductors which in turn drive over $1 trillion in annual world wide electronic device sales.

Welcome To Xandex Semiconductor Products

Xandex was founded in August, 1981 as a technology startup to design and manufacture products used in the semiconductor test industry. Xandex will celebrate this August, our 39th year of providing technology solutions to the semiconductor and solar energy industries.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Certified Environmental Management System
  • World Wide Sales and Distribution of DieMark® Wafer Marking Products
  • World Wide Sales and Support of KUBI® Telepresence Robot
  • Xandex Ventures Capital Investment Arm

Xandex was founded on Guiding Principles that have been key to our success, and are the core of our corporate culture to this day.