Xandex Employment Benefits

Xandex offers many immediate and vested benefits to our employees.

Immediate Benefits

Benefits Available on Hire Date

  • Paid Holidays
    (10 days per calendar year)
  • Sick Leave Accrual
    (1 hour accrues for every 30 hours worked with replenishing 64 hour cap)
  • Vacation Accrual
    (2 week vacation vested during 1-3 years of employment, increasing with years of service)
  • Wellness Program
    (Reimbursement of costs for weight-loss and smoking cessation programs)
  • Worker's Compensation Coverage

Vested Insurance Benefits

Insurance Benefits Upon Satisfactory Completion of 60-Day Introductory Period

  • Health Coverage Options*
    Kaiser Permenente HMO
    Sutter Health Plus HMO
    Western Health Advantage HMO
  • Dental Coverage*
    (Premier Access: Including Orthodontics for Dependent Children
  • Life Insurance/Accidental Death & Dismemberment*
    (Employee only - $25,000)
  • Vision Coverage*
  • Supplemental Cash Disability Plan
    Offered by American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC) (Paid by Employee)
  • Cafeteria Plan
    (Permits "pre-tax" deduction of Health Premiums and Child Care Expenses)
* Xandex pays 100% of employee HMO Health, Life/AD&D, Vision and Dental options. Family / Dependant Coverage, Anthem Blue Cross PPO and EPO options are available at additional monthly charge.

Other Benefits

Vested Non-insurance Benefits Upon Satisfactory Completion of 60-Day Introductory Period

  • Membership to Redwood Credit Union
  • Employee Educational and Financial Assistance Programs
    (Reimbursement on tuition and books and 'no interest' loans secured against vacation accrual)
  • Profit Sharing
    (approved by Board)
  • Stock Option
    (Granted per Management's recommendation and Board of Directors' Discretion)
  • Recognition/Safety Incentive Programs
  • 401(k) Plan
    Option to participate for those 21 years of age or older. This program offers dollar for dollar matching of up to 4% of your gross annual salary which is 100% vested immediately.