NEW A4 Pneumatic Small Dot Ink Cartridge

NEW A4 Pneumatic Small Dot Ink Cartridge

A4 Ink Cartridge

The DieMark A4 Pnreumatic Small Dot Ink Cartridge is the latest development in small dot pneumatic ink dot production from Xandex. Over 4 years in development and testing, the A4 Ink Cartridge, when used with the new DieMark Micro-Z Inking System, will produce uniform, repeatable ink dots in the 3.5-11 mil range, depending on ink type and pneumatic controller settings.

Available in nearly all current DieMark ink types, the A4 cartridge incorporates a 0.002 inch diameter Teflon tube inside the stainless steel needle. Each cartridge contains a minimum 1 gram of ink.

A4 Small Dot Pneumatic Ink Cartridge is available with the following DieMark Inks:

  • 6990 Black-Order Part Number 303-1421
  • 6993 Black-Order Part Number 303-1401
  • 6997 Black-Order Part Number 303-1411
  • 7824 Black-Order Part Number 303-1451
  • 7824T Black-Order Part Number 303-1461
  • 8103 Black-Order Part Number 306-1411
  • Note:DieMark Ink Cartridges are sold only in packages of 10.

A4 Ink Cartridge & The Micro-Z Inking Systems

The A4 Pneumatic Ink Cartridge is designed for use with NEW Manual and Motorized DieMark Micro-Z Pneumatic Inking Systems. Xandex has not qualified the A4 Cartridge for use on any other pneumatic inking equipment. The Micro-Z Inkers, the Micro-Z Pneumatic Controller and the A4 Cartridge are optimized as a system for small ink dot production. The Micro-Z Inker can also run A5, A6 and A8 pneumatic cartridge types.*

Visit the Micro-Z Inking Systems Page

View/Download the Micro-Z Inking Systems Product Manual

*Dot Size Thumbwheel settings will vary from the existing 350-0018 Motor-Z controller. You will need to determine best Thumbwheel setting to duplicate A5-A8 dot production when using these cartridges with the new Micro-Z Inker and Controller. See product manual link, above.