Pneumatic Inking Systems

Xandex Pneumatic Inkers incorporate the convenience of DieMark disposable ink cartridges with the reliability of a microprocessor-controlled pneumatic dispensing system for the ultimate inking solution. Ink dots are deposited via pneumatic actuation of the inker shuttle mechanism and a simultaneous pulse of air into the cartridge reservoir. There is no filament and no direct contact with the wafer surface. Dot size is determined by cartridge type and air pulse duration. Adjust the controller setting to achieve a range of dot sizes from a single cartridge. For a comparison of Xandex Pneumatic and Electric Inking Systems, go to Selecting Xandex Inking Systems.

Drawing Prefix Key: EG = Electroglas Prober Application: KLA = KLA Prober Application: TSK = Tokyo Semitsu Prober Application: PWS = Pacific Western Systems Application: LT = Laser Trimmer Application

X1000 Series

Our original dispensing system for cabled probing and off-line inking

  • Flip-up manipulator for quick cartridge changeout
  • Manual Z adjustment
  • Joystick for fine X,Y positioning
  • Models for EG, TSK probers

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X4115 and X4215 Motorized Z

Operator friendly, fast and precise setup for high volume off-line inking.

  • Variable dot size – 6 mil to 50 mil
  • Small Dot Mode
  • Joystick for fine X, Y positioning
  • Accurate and repeatable pneumatic inking system increases reliability and reduces ink related rework
  • High speed ink dot deposition – up to 12 dots per second
  • Programmable dot counter with audible alarm
  • Models for EG and KLA probers

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Designed for the EG Horizon Series probers.

  • Mounts in the prober's optical bridge (4080-4090)
  • High speed off-line and post-probe inking
  • Dot range of 15-50 mils, depending on cartridge size

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X5200 for TEL probers

Designed specifically for the TEL P8 prober

  • Variable dot size; 15-40 mils
  • Remote valve increases accuracy and repeatability.
  • High speed ink dot deposition – up to 12 dots per second
  • Models available for P8 Bridge or SACC arm installation

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X901 Handheld DieMarker

Hand held pneumatic inker for manual ink dot placement.

  • The ergonomic X901 inker is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand
  • Allows placement of ink dots using a foot activated switch.
  • Enables users to utilize the exact same ink cartridge as in the wafer sort operation.

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DM-2 Pneumatic Ink Cartridges

The heart of all pneumatic inking systems is the DieMark DM-2 disposable ink cartridge. The DM-2 is pre-filled and factory tuned to eliminate labor intensive inker related delays in the test area: ink mixing, refilling, adjustments, cleaning and rework. DM-2 contains 60% more ink than standard DieMark cartridges ensuring consistent dots and long life at any speed. Empty cartridges are also available.

The DM-2 has a polypropylene ink reservoir, which is sealed by a threaded cap at the top and a thin membrane at the bottom. The traditional fishline has been replaced by a small Teflon tube encased in a stainless steel needle. When the cartridge is opened, the needle punctures the reservoir to provide ink flow.



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