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When troubleshooting inking problems, keep in mind that there are many factors that impact your ability to achieve good results. The main causes of inking problems can generally be categorized into one or more of the following areas:

  • Ink: Related to the chemical composition, handling or storage of wafer marking ink.
  • Ink Cartridge: Related to the construction and use of the ink cartridge assembly. For an instructive video on correct DieMark Filament cartridge operation and use, click HERE (WMV 40Mb) Also see Backflow Research Statement (PDF 21Kb)
  • Inking Application & Materials: Related to the point at which inking occurs in the probing process (inline, offline, post probe), wafer surface characteristics, wafer passivation type and post probe wafer handling processes.
  • Probe Environment: Related to the type and condition of probing equipment used and environmental conditions in the inking area (temperature, inking speed).
  • Equipment Maintenance: Related to the operating condition of inking equipment.
  • Equipment Setup: Related to the operation, setup and use of ink cartridges and inking hardware.

It is often difficult to determine the cause of a problem by addressing only one of the above categories as a root cause, since each of them is dependant on the others as components of a successful, well administrated inking process.

Returning Materials to Xandex
Xandex requires a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for any materials returned to Xandex. You must contact Xandex Customer Service to request a Return Materials Authorization number prior to returning any materials to Xandex.

Ink and Cartridge Problem Report Form
We have developed a data collection form for ink and ink cartridge problems that can be filled out and submitted on the internet or downloaded as a PDF file that can be filled out electronically and by hand and returned by FAX. This form contains fields that represent the most common information needed by Xandex to troubleshoot Ink and Cartridge problems.

  • Online form
  • PDF form


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