NEW 3 Mil Small Dot Cartridge

NEW 3 Mil Small Dot Ink Cartridge

3 Mil Ink Cartridge

The DieMark 3 mil Small Dot Ink Cartridge is the latest development in small dot ink dot production from Xandex. Over 2 years in development and testing, the 3 mil cartridge, when used on a Xandex inker or holder assembly equiped with the Plunger Stop assembly, will produce uniform, repeatable ink dots in the 3-7 mil range, depending on ink type.

Available in nearly all current DieMark ink types, the 3 mil cartridge incorporates a Teflon tube inside the stainless steel needle to more easily draw ink down the tungsgten cartridge filament. In order to assist in priming the 3 mil cartridge, a New Vacuum Priming Tool has been developed to dramatically shorten cartridge priming time.

3 Mil Small Dot Ink Cartridge is available with the following DieMark Inks

  • 6990 Black-Order Part Number 302-2921
  • 6993 Black-Order Part Number 302-2901
  • 6997 Black-Order Part Number 302-2911
  • 7824 Black-Order Part Number 302-2951
  • 7824T Black-Order Part Number 302-2961
  • 8103 Black-Order Part Number 305-2911
  • 8103 Red-Order Part Number 305-2912

3 mil & 5 mil Vacuum Priming Tool

Designed for use with 3 mil & 5 mil DieMark ink cartridges. The Vacuum Priming tool is setup for priming by using the flow control valve to set a vacuum level based on cartridge size and ink type. The vacuum control valve is then turned on for a specific time, based once again on cartridge size and ink type, to draw ink into the cartridge lower ink reservoir.

Visit the Vacuum Priming Tool Page

View/Download a PDF of the Vacuum Priming Procedure

Note: Small Dot Production requires a short cartridge filament stroke. The Plunger Stop Assembly limits the plunger stroke in an adjustable add-on for small dot inking. The Plunger Stop Assembly is required to place the smallest dots possible. LEARN MORE HERE