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Xandex offers three inker types for high speed inking applications. Series 600 inkers incorporate a high-speed solenoid for use with DM-1 cartridges. The pneumatic Series X1000 & X4000 use DM-2 cartridges to afford a wide range of dot sizes at any speed. The Motorized-Z inker enables motorized z height adjustment and incorporates small dot and large dot modes, which allow dot sizes from 6-50 mil. All inkers feature flip up manipulators and an X,Y adjustment joystick. The low profile X5100 installs in the optical bridge on the listed EG probers. Off-Line inkers are also suitable for Post-Probe inking.

Prober Model Pneumatic Electric
EG 1034, 2001, 2010, 4060, 4080, 4085, 4090 X1100: part #340-1100
X7111 Micro-Z Manual: part #340-7110-01
X7121 Micro-Z Motorized: part #340-7120-01
EG 601: part #330-0601
EG 4060, 4080, 4090 X5100: part #340-5100
KLA\TEL 1007, 1011, 1200, 1220 X7112 Micro-Z Manual: part #340-7110-02
X7122 Micro-Z Motorized: part #340-7120-02
KLA 603: part #330-1603

The inverted Series 200 mounts underneath the probe ring. Post-Probe inkers also provide sufficient clearance for most Overhead Testing applications.

Tester Model Prober Model Electric
Sentry 7, 10, 20, 21 EG EG 201; part #330-0201
Teradyne J937, J941 All Probers Cartridge Holder H1-24B7 (retro Teradyne Base): part #310-1222

Xandex offers four inkers for post probe inking. All inkers are also suitable for some Overhead Testing & high-speed Off-Line Inking. Inker Model X1412 designed for the TSK APM 90 or UF200 series probers fits on the existing inker mount. Inker X5100 designed for the EG 40X0 series probers fits in the Optical Bridge. X5200 Series designed for the TEL P8 probers mounts on the Optical Bridge, or on the SACC Arm. All inkers allow dot range of 15-50 mil and utilize DM-2.3 cartridges.

Prober Model Pneumatic
EG 4060, 4080, 4090 X5100: Part #340-5100
TEL P8, P12 X5200 SACC Arm: Part #340-5200
X5210 Bridge: Part #340-5210
TSK APM90, UF200, UF300 X1412: Part #340-1412

Xandex offers electric and pneumatic inkers for cabled probing. Series 100 provides vertical positioning via slide bracket and adjustment knob. Coarse X, Y adjustment and quick inker removal is accomplished by loosening one knob that holds the inker to its mounting plate. The joystick in Series 300 provides fine X, Y adjustment. Series 600 is the only high speed electric inker. Use DM-1, or DM-1.25 cartridges. For 5 mil applications, use an H2 model holder (with plunger adjustment) instead of an H1. Series X1000 are pneumatic inkers, suitable for high-speed application and utilize DM-2 cartridges.

Prober Model Pneumatic Electric
EG 1034, 2001, 2010, 4085 X1100: part #340-1100 EG 101: part #330-0101
EG 301: part #330-0301
EG 601: part #330-0601
EG 4060, 4080, 4090 X1103: part #340-1103
KLA\TEL 1007, 1011, 1200, 1220 NA KLA 103: part#330-1103
KLA 30:; part #330-1303
KLA 603: part #330-1603
PWS All Models NA PWS 102: part #330-2102
PWS 302: part #330-2302
Teledyne TAC all models: see retrofits
TSK APM3000, APM5000, APM6000, APM7000 TSK 104: part #330-3104
TSK 604: part #330-3604

Many optical inspection applications require retrofit of an existing manipulator and do not use a complete Xandex assembly. DieMarker™ is a hand-held pneumatic inker, which may also be used for any application requiring manual inking (i.e. edge die, packaged devices). Use DM-2 cartridges for DieMarker™ and DM-1, DM-1.25, or DM-S for all other models.

Inspection Station Pneumatic Electric
All Models X901 DieMarker: part #340-0901 kit includes hand held pen, foot switch and controller
Alessi REL 4500 H1-12A7: part #310-1112
AT 2400 H1-24A7: part #310-1212
Mechanization Associates all models (retrofit) H1-12A7: part #310-1112
Nikon Optiphot NI 101: part #330-9401
Nikon Optipad LT 105: part #330-0105
Scientific Instruments all models LT 105: part #330-0105
Viking Semiconductor all model (retrofit) H1-24A7: part #310-1212

Analytical probers have limited inker clearance due to high-powered microscope objectives and multiple probers. Most analytical probers require retrofit of an existing micromanipulator, and do not use a complete Xandex assembly (see also Retrofits). Use DM-1 or DM-1.25 cartridges.

Prober Model Electric
Karl Suss PAC6 B101: part #320-0101
H1-12A7: part #310-1112
Micromanipulator - all models (retrofit) H1-12A7: part #310-1112
Signatone - all models (retrofit) H1-12A7: part #310-1112
Wentworth Labs - all models (retrofit) H1-12Z7: part #310-1192

Laser trimming applications require the inker to rest at a very shallow angle under the microscope lens and the lasers. For sufficient clearance, inkers may have a "side arm" style holder mounting rather than the typical slide bracket. Use DM-1, DM-1.25, or DM-S cartridges.

Laser Trimming Model Electric
General Scanning M310 LT 611: part #330-0611
Teradyne M1118, M218 LT 105: part #330-0105
LTX/ESI 80, 44 LT 106: part #330-0106

Cartridge holders are available to retrofit most other manufacturers’ inkers. To order, specify body style, coil voltage, connector type, and plunger size. Use DM-1 or DM-1.25 cartridges. Retrofit all H-style holders with a Plunger Stop Assembly for 5 mil dot applications.

Application Prober Model Electric
EG PI-500 EG H14-24A7: part #314-0006
PWS 7733 PWS H1-24A6: part #310-1211
Rucker & Kolls all models KLA/TEL H1-24C7: part #310-1232
all others H1-24A7: part #310-1212
Teledyne TAC 14031, 14032, 14033, 71146, 71154 Teledyne TAC H4-12D6: part #310-4141
KLA/TEL YN 12, YN 27 KLA/TEL H1-24C7: part #310-0004*
KLA/TEL YN 12, YN 27 KLA/TEL S2-22C10: part #315-0003
KLA/TEL YN 12, YN 27 TEL P8, P12 S3-12C10: part #315-0008
TEL P8, straight TEL S3-12C10: part #315-0010
TEL P8, 90 degrees TEL S3-12C10: part #315-0011
TSK 300 EG H6-24A7: part #310-6212
TSK 300 TSK H6-24Z7: part #310-6292
TSK APM90 TSK S2-22Z10: part#315-0005**
Application Prober Model Pneumatic
TSK APM88 TSK X1411: part #340-1411***

* requires special DM-0.6 cartridge
** complete inker kit is also available. see post-probe inking.
*** retrofit includes pneumatic controller.