Joining the Xandex Team

The following information is intended for prospective employees who wish to know more about our company.

Who We Are

Xandex's primary business is the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical equipment and electrical interconnects that are used in testing semiconductor devices (silicon chips). Information on our history, mission statement, quality policy and a description of our product lines are available on our website by following the links below.

Our Vision

Our vision of being the preferred supplier of innovative test solutions worldwide requires us to seek out creative solutions in our product design and manufacturing processes as well as our management practices. You will find a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement at the root of everything at Xandex. In our effort to be THE preferred supplier, we seek to exceed our customers' expectations while living by our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles listed below are the core values that shape our corporate culture.

Xandex practices an "open door" management style that encourages the flow of communication through all levels of the organization. Company meetings are held quarterly so that every employee is well informed of our annual and quarterly goals and progress. Both formal and informal means are available to all employees in the organization for providing input on improving our processes and practices.
Xandex has built its reputation on developing and offering new and creative test solutions. By investigating and investing in the latest developments in electronics, materials science, business practices and computer/software technology, Xandex continues to be a leader in the development of next generation test solutions.
In 1997, Xandex was among the very few small companies who earned certification in ISO 9001 quality standards. In 2003, Xandex was re-certified in the revised ISO 9001:2000 standard. In 2010, Xandex was re-certified to the latest ISO 9001-2008 standard. At our company, Quality is not just the function of the Quality Department. It is ingrained in every aspect of our organization and is the responsibility of each and every employee.
A spirit of cooperation exists at Xandex. It is evident not only in our internal activities, but also in how we interact with our customers and suppliers. Internally, cross-functional teams are the core of our manufacturing, product development and process improvement activities. Externally, we partner with our customers and suppliers in finding unique and cost effective designs and test solutions.
In the competitive and volatile climate of any high tech industry, agility and accuracy (getting it right the first time) are necessities. Our managers are routinely challenged to raise the bar for themselves as well as for their staff. We believe that continuous improvement of individuals in our team benefits the entire organization. We often provide opportunities for advancement and promotions from within, as well as encourage personal and professional development by offering financial and educational assistance to all employees. Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment is demonstrated by our progressive ergonomics program, which has been recognized in safety magazines. We have CPR and First Aid trained Safety Teams who drive our safety practices, which include quarterly site inspections, emergency practice drills, and ergonomics workstation evaluations. Our work environment and safety practices far exceed OSHA standards.
Since the time when Xandex was a small company, we have tried to provide competitive benefits and compensation for our employees. Our salary structure is founded on comparisons with High Technology Surveys, which represent much larger companies (in revenue and employee level). Our benefits, like fully vested 401K, are considered quite generous for the size of our company. We have shared our profits, our savings from process and safety (workers' compensation cost) improvements, and have always matched or offered better annual merit adjustments than national averages. Being a private, family-run business, we give extra care and consideration in looking out for the financial well being of our employees.
We believe that integrity is key in building relationships. Our management practices and policies consistently promote fair and ethical conduct. Xandex has always been highly diverse and passionate about its zero tolerance policy towards ANY form of harassment. Our policy and value system applies not only to our employees, but also extends to our customer and supplier interactions.
Xandex supports many non-profit and charitable organizations in our local community. We encourage participation in volunteer programs such as mentoring in our local schools, or adopt-a-school to promote math and science studies. Our ongoing donations to Sonoma State University, Petaluma Fire Fighters, The Salvation Army, Petaluma People Services, Women's Justice Center and many others are highly appreciated.

Employee Comments

The best measure of our success as an employer in creating a positive and productive workplace comes from our past and present employees. The following quotes were taken from questionnaires completed by new and departing employees.

On Staff and Work Environment

"The working environment at Xandex is unmatched by any other workplace I have experienced. The mixture of laid back personality and the demand for quality is one that I find works very well. The appreciation by the company for all the staff really shows in ways such as the benefits, work environment and time and care put into planned activities."

"The co-workers and Xandex itself made a big difference for me. Xandex has a pleasant working environment and it gave me a sense of being part of a family."

"The best thing about working for Xandex is the quality of people and workspace. Its not a place where I have to worry much about something I need not being there, or not having a tool available to me. The extras are provided to you on the line and in the breakroom and the constant care and attention to workers."

On Training

"Great for 3D CAD program, GD&T knowledge."

"I had lots of helpful encounters with ...the engineers on the material I was learning. A great Xandex team."

"Organized, efficient"

"My training to this point has been very good, I have a good grip on how everything works and goes together."

"Nice working environment, Xandex supports and trains employees well."

Xandex Ergonomics

The Xandex ergonomics program focuses on three categories: hazard identification / corrective action, prevention practice / wellness, and initiative / support. All employees participate in regular stretch breaks throughout the day and are encouraged to monitor their activities for repetitive motions that may cause muscle strain. Regular workstation evaluations help ergonomics coordinators identify posture and motions during daily work that may lead to injury. Modifications are made so that each employee has the right tools, equipment and information to stay healthy. Xandex Safety team members are responsible for monitoring activities, funneling suggestions and maintaining the highest standards for the Company’s health and safety program.

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We hope this information has helped you to make an informed decision about joining the Xandex team. If there is a position posted in our open positions list that interests you, please don't hesitate to apply today. We look forward to meeting you!