DieMark Ink Remover 8000

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DieMark Glycol Free Ink Remover

DieMark Remover®

DieMark Ink Remover 8000 is designed specifically for the semiconductor industry. It contains very low levels of organic and inorganic contaminants.

It is non-carcinogenic, non-teratogenic and all ingredients are TSCA listed. DieMark® Ink Remover 8000 thoroughly cleans a variety of inks (all inks sold by Xandex) including oven baked dots, via simple bench top methods. DieMark Ink Remover 8000 may also be used in ultrasonic or circulating baths. This product accommodates other unique wafer cleaning methods such as step temperature and pressure cycling. Compare your cleaning equipment's solvent requirements with DieMark Remover to assure compatibility and safety before use and eliminate hazardous solvents from your wafer cleaning process. MSDS (pdf 22Kb)

Glycol ethers are used to dissolve dyes and resins for the manufacture and removal of inks. Some are extremely toxic at low quantities, and rated as carcinogenic and teratogenic (reproductive hazard). Glycol ether substitutes are solvents with similar characteristics, which provide the same effect without the toxic, carcinogenic or teratogenic characteristics of glycol ethers. Because of these facts, Xandex has developed this remover to be glycol ether free.

DieMark Ink Remover Features and Benefits

  • Glycol-Ether Free (see chart below)
  • Multipurpose Remover (may be used for all Xandex Inks)
  • Non-flammable - Flash point is greater than 80° C
  • Manufactured from purified solvents - less than 10ppm Sodium and Chloride
  • All ingredients are TSCA listed
  • Available in 1 US Gallon or 1 US Quart sizes
  • Non-Carcinogenic. Non teratogenic
  • One year shelf life

Glycol-Ether Free DieMark Ink Remover

DieMark Remover

DieMark Remover is non-carcinogenic and non-teratogenic compared to other solvents.

(Other Solvents)
HIGH at low quantities YES YES
Glycol-Ether Substitutes
(DieMark Remover)
MODERATE at HIGH quantities NO NO