V5400 DUT Connector

V5400 Device Under Test Connector

V5400 2nd Generation DUT Flex Connector with Interposer

The Interposer DUT Flex connector is a 2nd Generation probe card connector for the Verigy (Agilent) V5400 Memory Test System. The 2nd Generation DUT Connector utilizes interposer technology instead of gold bumps to provide signal transmission between the probe card pads and the DUT connector flex circuit.

The interposer DUT connector is functionally compatible with all V5400 probe cards that accommodate the gold bump DUT connector. It is also functionally compatible with current V5400 metrology equipment currently using the gold bump DUT connector.The Interposer DUT Connector can be used with the Xandex V5400 gold bump style clamp assembly.

Review specifications in product data sheet.