Selecting a Diemark Inking System

Xandex DieMarkĀ® Inking technology revolutionized die marking at wafer sort and has set the standard worldwide since 1981.

Which DieMark® Inking System is right for you?

DieMark Inking Systems are available in Electric and Pneumatic models and utilize convenient, disposable DieMark Ink Cartridges to streamline and optimize the process of marking defective die. With models available for nearly every test platform and configuration, Xandex inking systems are in operation daily in every corner of the world where wafer sort is performed.

All DieMark Inking equipment is built and tested to a demanding quality standard at our California manufacturing plant to insure that no matter what DieMark equipment you choose, it will operate with "around the clock" efficiency and dependability.

DieMark® Solenoid Driven Inking

Electric Inking systems deposit ink dots through actuation of a solenoid, which in turn moves the DieMark cartridge nylon filament up and down. Filament movement draws ink down the filament from the cartridge reservoir to the wafer surface. DieMark cartridge needle size, filament diameter, filament length, and ink viscosity are factory tuned.

A standard ink reservoir is combined with a variety of needle and filament configurations for different applications and dot sizes. A wide range of Electric Inker models are available along with a variety of cartridge holders (solenoid and cartridge holder only). All use DieMark disposable cartridges. Many holders are designed to retrofit other manufacturers marking equipment. Retrofit of an existing inker is an inexpensive way to utilize the convenience and reliability of DieMark ink cartridges.

DieMark® High Speed Peumatic Inking

Pneumatic Inking systems incorporate the convenience of DieMark disposable ink cartridges with the reliability of a microprocessor-controlled pneumatic dispensing system for the ultimate inking solution.

Ink dots are deposited via pneumatic actuation of the inker shuttle mechanism and a simultaneous pulse of air into the cartridge reservoir. There is no filament and no direct contact with the wafer surface. A prober signal to the controller initiates the inking sequence, actuating the shuttle mechanism downward and sending an air pulse to the cartridge. Dot size is determined by adjusting a controller setting to change cartridge air pulse duration without changing the cartridge. Pneumatic cartridges are factory tuned, ensuring consistent dots and contain 40% more ink than DieMark filament cartridges.

Pneumatic and Electric Inking System Comparison Table

Variable Pneumatic Inking Electric Inking
Dot Size Adjustment: Electronic Adjustment (dial or thumbwheels) on Controller Change cartridge size (10mil, 15 mil, etc)
Dot Size Range: 5 mil-60mil 3 mil-30mil
Inking Speed: 12 dots per second 6 dots per second
Wafer Contact: No contact Potential contact
X-Y Adjustment: Joystick on inker base None or Joystick on inker base
Z Adjustment: Manual or Motorized Manual only
Cartridge Type: DM-2 (pneumatic; no filament) DM-1 (filament)
Cartridge Reservoir Size: 1 gram 0.60 gram
Cartridge Priming: Push button Manual Cartridge Actuation
Vacuum Priming Tool for
3 mil & 5 mil Small Dot
Applications: All applications (subject to mounting area)
High Speed Off-line inkingĀ·
Post Probe Inking
Hand held model for inspection/rework
Inline Inking
Overhead Inking
Laser Trimming
Low Speed Off-line or Post Probe Inking

DieMark® Ink and Ink Cartridges

DieMark® Ink Cartridges

The heart of any Xandex inking system is the patented DieMark Ink Cartridge. Pre-filled, factory tuned DieMark disposable ink cartridges are easy to use and require no adjusting, refilling or cleaning. All inks utilized in DieMark cartridges are selected to produce consistent dots over a wide range of speeds without dripping, or skipping. Listed below are the primary cartridge and ink types offered by Xandex. PPM = Parts Per Million.

DieMark®Ink Cartridge and Ink Information

Click/tap the tabs for general information on Xandex DieMark Cartridges, Inks and Ink Remover. For more detailed ink and cartridge information see our Ink and Cartridge Information Page.

High Speed Pneumatic Ink Cartridges

Cartridge Type Description
DM-2 Pneumatic, 0.50" needle, Teflon tube (no filament)
DM-2.3 Pneumatic, 0.30" needle, Teflon tube (no filament)
Cartridge Size Size is determined by Teflon tube diameter. Smaller tube diameter, in conjunction with controller dot size setting creates smaller dots.
Size A4 = 0.002" diameter tube
Size A5 = 0.005" diameter tube
Size A6 = 0.006" diameter tube
Size A8 = 0.008" diameter tube

Electric (filament) Ink Cartridges

Cartridge Type Description
DM-1 Nylon monofilament 0.75" straight needle
(3 mil & 5 mil with tungsten wire)
DM-1.25 Nylon monofilament, 1.25" straight needle
DM-S Curved needle, nylon monofilament
Filament Size 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 25, 30 mil filament diameters. Some inks are not available in every filament size or cartridge type.

DieMark® Inks and Ink Remover

Ink Type Description
DieMark 8103 Air dry. Sodium and chloride levels certified less than 10 PPM. Glycol Ether Free. Black, Red and White*
DieMark 8104 Air dry. Sodium and chloride levels certified less than 20 PPM. Glycol Ether Free. Black
8104 is not available in Electric (filament) ink cartridges.
DieMark 7824, 7824T Air dry or heat cure. Sodium and chloride levels certified less than 10 PPM. Black
DieMark 6990 Heat cure. Sodium and chloride levels certified less than 25 PPM. Black
DieMark 6993 Heat cure. Not certified but historically less than 100 ppm Sodium and 400 ppm Chloride. Black
DieMark 6997 Heat cure. Not certified but historically less than 100 ppm Sodium and 400 ppm Chloride. Black
DieMark Ink Remover 8000 Glycol Ether Free ink remover for all inks provided by Xandex. US Quart and Gallon

*8103 White ink is a special order in DM-1.25 & DM-S cartridge configurations and sold subject to limited warranty conditions.