Pneumatic Shuttle Maintenance

Shuttle Maintenance Schedule

Periodic preventive maintenance of the shuttle mechanism is recommended to insure continued, trouble free operation of your Xandex pneumatic inking system. The recommended maintenance schedule is as follows:

  • Off-line use = 6 month intervals
  • In-Line / Post Probe use = Once per year

Xandex recommends the use of shuttle preventive maintenance kits which include all parts necessary for one normal shuttle maintenance procedure. These kits may be ordered directly from Xandex or through your local Xandex distributor. To determine which kit to order, consult the following table:

Inker Model # PM Kit #
All models except those listed below 370-0001
Series X1100, X1200 370-0002
Series X5200 370-0003
Series X5100 370-0004