Pneumatic Shuttle Maintenance

Shuttle Maintenance Schedule

Periodic preventive maintenance of the shuttle mechanism is recommended to insure continued, trouble free operation of your Xandex pneumatic inking system. The recommended maintenance schedule is as follows:

  • Off-line use = 6 month intervals
  • In-Line / Post Probe use = Once per year

Xandex recommends the use of shuttle preventive maintenance kits which include all parts necessary for one normal shuttle maintenance procedure. These kits may be ordered directly from Xandex or through your local Authorized Xandex Distributor. To determine which kit to order, consult the following tables:

Traditional Shuttle

Inker Model # PM Kit # Instruction Link
Motorized-Z models X4115, X4116, X4215 and X4217
X1410, X1412
Any other model with Traditional Shuttle except those listed below
370-0001 820-0097
Series X1100, X1200 370-0002 820-0098
Series X5200 370-0003 820-0099
Series X5100 370-0004 820-0100

New Precision Shuttle

Xandex redesigned the pneumatic shuttle used on most DieMark inkers in 2022 as part of a project to develop the new X7110 & X7120 Micro-Z Small Dot Inking Systems. Due to design improvements in the Precision Shuttle, maintenance has been dramatically simplified compared to the steps required for Traditional Shuttle Maintenance. Please review the 820-0330 Precision Shuttle Manitenance Instruction for more detailed information. Available Precision Shuttle preventive maintenance kits are listed by inker model in the table below.

Shuttle retrofit kits are available to retrofit most DieMark pneumatic inkers with the new precision shuttle. For more information see the Precision Shuttle Retrofit Kits web page.

Inker Model # PM Kit # Instruction Link
Micro-Z Manual X711X Inkers* & Micro-Z Motorized X712X Inkers*,
X1100****, X1105****
*with 36 inch air hose
****only after precision shuttle retrofit if purchased before June 2022
370-0006 820-0330
X1412 370-0007 820-0330
Micro-Z Manual X711X Inkers** & Micro-Z Motorized X712X Inkers**,
X1101***, X1102***
**with 60 inch air hose
***only after precision shuttle retrofit
370-0008 820-0330
****only after precision shuttle retrofit if purchased before June 2022
370-0009 820-0330
Motorized-Z X4115****, X4116****, X4215**** & X4217****
****only after precision shuttle retrofit if purchased before June 2022
370-0010 820-0330
X1413 370-0011 820-0330